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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

After buying any BMW Option 719 motorcycle, you will get a number of interesting extras, regarding the regular motorcycle from BMW. The plant claims that such an option always implies an exclusive, custom-built motorcycle.

Although nowadays you can order a motorcycle with almost any set of additional equipment from a dealer, a brown interior and an unusual color are available only in option 719. In addition to a really interesting color, hand-drawn lines stretch through the entire motorcycle, adding dynamics and charisma to the motorcycle.

In this exact configuration the new GTL came to our studio in Moscow. Unlike previous projects, this time we decided not to pull the acoustic podiums with leather. Instead, we painted them in the color of the motorcycle, and the front volumes also received distinctive stripes.

In addition to the front and rear acoustics, a KIKER subwoofer is installed on the motorcycle. The audio system is controlled by an Alpine PDX V9 amplifier.



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