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Experience unparalleled sound and style with the BMW K1600GTL exclusive sound pods

Introducing our innovative podiums designed specifically for the BMW K1600GTL Exclusive motorcycle. Crafted with the exceptional characteristics of this exclusive model in mind, these podiums offer the perfect blend of functionality and style.

loud sound k1600

The new pods allow you to install 6.5" speakers, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy outstanding sound quality while cruising on your motorcycle. It's not just an upgrade to your audio system – it's an immersion into the world of refined sound that matches the status of your motorcycle.

rear acoustics k1600

The combination of functionality and style is evident in every detail of these new podiums. Their ergonomic design seamlessly complements the luxurious lines of the BMW K1600GTL Exclusive, creating a visually stunning impression. Installing these podiums is not just a technical enhancement; it's a true transformation of your motorcycle into a work of art on the road.

sound pods k1600

Discover a new level of sound comfort and style with our podiums for the BMW K1600GTL Exclusive. The exclusivity of your motorcycle is now complemented by an exceptional sound experience.

bmw k1600gtl exclusive


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