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Rear speaker box for K1600 with armrests. 


Redesigned your favorite K1600 GT/GTL 2011-2024 rear box speakers. Even more modern and stylish details will add style, exclusivity, and, most importantly, high-quality sound to your favorite bike!


Rear acoustic enclosures are a good addition to the front speakers. Now, listening to music, you get a lot of bass.

Thanks to the rear speakers, you can get surround sound, which will turn the motorcycle into a mobile radio station, which will surely gather around itself lovers of good music.


Acoustics size - 6.5"


Acoustics are not included in the price.



Rear speaker box for K1600 with armrests

$950.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price

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    Customer Reviews


    "The front speaker boxes are very well made. Good job!
    I will be ordering the saddle bag speaker boxes in a couple of months. 

    Attached is a picture of my motorcycle with the front speaker boxes. Looks great!

    Thank you for making such quality speaker boxes!"


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