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Audio system upgrade on BMW K1600GTL motorcycle

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Motorcycles BMW K1600 series is equipped with audio system. However, it requires improvements on the motorcycle for listening to music. We want to present to all of you our new adjustment version of these motorcycles. If your passion is cranking up the jams or rocking out on the road, then I'm sure you will love the available resources found in here.

The first thing we did to replace was the front speakers. Let's just say that, if you disassembled your bike, you would recognize that the standard sound transmission is well suited for an older car. Unfortunately, when you are riding a motorcycle on the high speed, the audio becomes unclear because of the lost of frequency when you are wearing a helmet. Therefore, the standard speakers is mounted on the front side. We have put large size and high-quality speakers from the world brand HERTZ (although there can be put almost any speaker 6.5'). Of course, in order to put such large acoustics, they have to make new acoustic boxes. We tried to make them in such a way that they were combined with the design of the motorcycle. We also increased their internal volume.

Our parts are made of polyurethane and covered with artificial leather. It’s features weatherproof speakers for the utmost protection against the elements. Speakers are weather-proof so they can withstand moisture from splashed water, fog, rain, and other elements. The dynamic balance technology provides a clean, rich, and full-range sound.Installation takes no more than 30 minutes. It is necessary to remove regular speakers together with their acoustic boxes and put the newest speakers in place.

Second, we have produced a volume for the rear speakers 6.5'. It is clean cut with artificial leather (no cheap plastic). Thanks to the rear speakers, you can get surround sounds. The bike turns into a portable radio station, you can still enjoy your favorite songs while you are riding in the high speed highway.

In order to install them, you have to make a hole in the coffer. It is good that the coffer has two walls, so the holes are not visible from inside of the coffer. It’s amazing to the opening and double walls of the coffer, the speaker gets more volume, which gives it the opportunity to unleash its potential and you can listen to music with pleasant bass.

Compact waterproof amplifier installed under the seat of the motorcycle. Thanks to availability, the trunks are completely free, so you can still ride a motorcycle for long road trips, taking it everywhere you go with a great music!

There is nothing more enjoyable and more exciting than riding your motorcycle while listening to cool sounds or your favorite music. Long travels can be boring, so it is about time to get your motorcycle speakers to take your outdoor adventure at a higher level. Our speaker boxes are available for sale. You can write to us through email or the website.

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15 Eki 2019

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing your front & rear acoustic enclosures for my K1600 GTL. How long will is take for me to receive a shipment of the acoustic enclosures in the USA; specifically in Northern Virginia? Where can I find more information about your company & the policy regarding the purchase of the enclosures? I would love to hear from you because I am definitely eager to purchase the enclosures for my K1600 GTL.

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