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Grand America

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Unlike the bagger, the K1600GA is equipped with a top box, which makes this motorcycle more comfortable for long trips. One would agree that our favorite music not only cheers us up, gives the trip more fun and makes it more enjoyable. That is why the owner of this motorcycle came to our installation studio.

Since this motorcycle was purchased specifically for long-distance trips, we have decided to upgrade not only the front audio system, but also to add a rear one.

Our boxes are designed for 6.5" speakers. The installation process of the front boxes takes about 30 minutes, whereas the rear ones take no more than 3 hours.

We used the HERTZ MPK165 speakers both on the front and on the rear side of this motorcycle and the amplifier HERTZ HMP 4D-class. In this motorcycle, the amplifier is installed under the decorative trim in the left box so that it does not occupy a useful splace in the box itself. The installation and connection process of the amplifier takes about 3 hours.

For greater clarity, we have recorded a short video about this motorcycle:



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