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Bagger again. Fronts. Rears. Sub.

Another Bagger in our studio. The front audio system is upgraded according to the same scenario - the regular 10’’s together with the volumes are sent to the “shelf”, their place is taken by our branded podiums, designed for large, sixteenth acoustics.

At the rear, rear speakers are added to the pads designed for them.

The most interesting thing about this bike is that it has a subwoofer installed. Of course, this is not the first motorcycle on which we installed a subwoofer, but it is the first on which the subwoofer box was made using matrix technology. Thanks to the new, more advanced technology, we were able to increase the internal volume of the case, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on sound quality. That's the first plus. The second plus is that now when you order a subwoofer from us, you don't lose the side coffer! All we do is swap your stock interior volume for our subwoofer box. So when you go on a trip, you can get the useful space of the case back again, such an operation will take about half an hour. The third plus is especially relevant during the season - now we can make a complete audio system with a subwoofer in just 1 (!) day!

And here are the pictures, agree it looks simple and stylish.

It's also worth mentioning that this time we used not the usual Hertz Mille Pro speakers, but the Hertz SPL Show variety speaker, as it is much louder. The variety speaker doesn't play back low frequencies very well, but in this case, we don't care, as the subwoofer copes with this task perfectly.



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