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Audio system upgrade on K1600 GT/GTL motorcycles

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

You bought one of the most expensive serial motorcycles equipped with an audio system, but at a speed higher than 80 mph you can barely hear the track playing from your speakers? We have a solution for you.

We have not only improved the standard front audio system, but also supplemented it with rear speakers, which will allow you to get surround sound. But first things first:

Front Audio Upgrade

In this photograph you can only see the result but not the process which led to the appearance of a detail of such quality, such a design solution. We not only increased the dynamics, but also tried to make a stylish design to the overall design of the motorcycle. What will give you such a solution? The possibility to install any 6.5" speaker. Our customers can listen to music at a speed of 120 mph and even sing along to their favorite songs!


“My wife used to complain about not being able to hear the music at all when we would travel on our motorcycle,” said Vladimir. “but now she’s happy.” he added. Four speakers are always better than two, especially in open space and at high speed. You get surround sound, and your passenger will no longer go apart from you and will be able share your mood and your love for music.



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