Stereo Upgrade for Midlothian BMW K1600 GTL Motorcycle

The owner of this cool 2016 BMW Motorrad K1600GTL visited Extreme Audio in Midlothian to inquire about upgrading the stereo system. The bike comes with a basic sound system, but as is the case with most factory-installed stereos, it doesn’t play loudly enough. Working with the client and his resources, we designed an impressive upgrade that would deliver the clarity and output he wanted.

BMW Motorcycle Stereo Upgrade

This is the third K1600 we’ve worked on recently. These bikes come with a pair of 5.25-inch speakers in the front fairing. We usually use a set of Polk Audio MM-Series speakers in these locations, and the system sounds really good. This client had found a set of larger speaker pods from a source in Russia. The new pods will accept 6.5-inch speakers, so we installed a set of ARC Audio MOTO602V2 coaxial drivers in the bike.

We chose an Alpine KTA-450 Power Pack amplifier to drive the speakers in a two-channel bridged configuration. The power pack amplifier fits nicely under the factory radio module in the center of the bike and provides about 100 watts of power to each speaker. We connected the inputs of the amp to the speaker outputs on the factory radio, so the system functions just as if it had been installed at the BMW Motorrad factory in Berlin, Germany.

As always, all the wiring is wrapped in automotive-grade cloth tape to protect it from damage and to keep it organized, and we used stainless-steel fasteners to mount the speakers and amplifiers. Our goal is to match or exceed the assembly processes used by each and every vehicle manufacturer to ensure that our upgrades will look and sound great for years.

Richmond’s Motorcycle Audio Experts

With the speakers and amp installed and everything configured to work with the factory radio, the client returned to Extreme Audio to hear the new stereo system on his BMW K1600. He was thrilled with the rich, warm sound from the larger speakers and was very happy with his investment. If you want to improve the performance of the stereo system on your motorcycle, drop by Extreme Audio in Mechanicsville or Midlothian. You can also reach our team using the contact form on our website or by giving us a call. We hope to hear from you soon!


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