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Audio system upgrade on K1600B/GA motorcycles

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

If you like to listen to music while riding your K1600B, you will be interested in our updated standard audio system.

We really love this motorcycle and, while working on modernization, we tried to take into account everything possible to make the motorcycle even better.

Updating the audio system can be divided into two parts:

  1. Upgrading front speakers

  2. Adding rear speakers.

1. Upgrading the front speakers.

When we work on an audio system upgrade, we always have three goals:

  • Excellent design

The front speakers are suitable for any motorcycle of the K1600 series. When creating, we took into account the design of the motorcycle so that our boxes looked stylish and in harmony with the overall design of the motorcycle. We take into account angles, edges, bulges - so that it looked like a factory update of audio systems.

In addition, we use materials that are resistant to a wide variety of weather conditions.

  • Loud sound

After installing our boxes, your motorcycle will sparkle in a new way. And this is not surprising, because our boxes are designed for a 6.5" speaker (instead of 3").

The speaker is aimed at the driver’s head, so during the trip the sound will be much less scattered on the sides.

  • Preservation of aerodynamic properties

The shape of our boxes is elegant and streamlined, thanks to which the motorcycle will be controlled as intended by the manufacturer. sound boxes are mounted instead of the regular speakers, which is very convenient both for initial installation as well as for further maintenance of the motorcycle.

2. Adding rear speakers

Thanks to the addition of rear speakers, you get surround sound. Four speakers are always better than two, especially if it's a motorcycle.

  • Design

All clear. We spent dozens of hours going through a variety of options until we got what you can see in these photos. We believe that we managed to make these covers in harmony with the standard style of the motorcycle. We tried to make the detail interesting without drawing too much.

  • Audio

Rear speakers are also 6.5''. This is the best solution. Now the driver gets surround sound, the passenger, finally, can also hear the music.

  • Aerodynamics

Overlays repeat the geometry of the trunks, therefore they do not interfere with the air flow. In addition, we did not forget about the comfort of the rear passenger and he still has the ability to hold on to the handles, thanks to special notches.


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