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Which speakers and amplifier to choose?

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

All our boxes are designed for 6.5" speakers. They fit almost any speaker of this size. The main thing that you should remember when choosing a speaker is that it will play outdoors, which means it should be loud, clear and waterproof.

We recommend the sound system Hertz from the Mille PRO Series, as it has proven to have both good sound and durability. This system is the best value for money. The volume and sound details are enough for you to comfortably listen to your favorite music on a motorcycle.

The amplifier must also be waterproof. We never install amplifiers in the trunks, so we always pick up small amplifiers. Usually we use JL Audio hx280, MX280 or MX500 amplifiers. In addition to these we sometimes install amplifiers HERTZ HMP 4D. If you are going to use only the front speakers, you may want to pay attention to the dual-channel amplifiers.

Below is the wiring diagram of the speaker and amplifier in the audio system of the motorcycle K1600.

Scheme for connecting four speakers (front + rear)

Scheme for connecting two speakers (front only)

If you need any help selecting a sound system - write us by e-mail.

If you want to recommend us the use of other components or tell us about your favorite speaker box or amplifier - write about it in the comments section below.


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